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The Fertilizer Society of South Africa was established in 1959. It was restructured in 2014, when it became known as the Fertilizer Association of Southern Africa (Fertasa). The Association represents the fertilizer industry in Southern Africa, with its members producing, trading, blending and distributing fertilizer products across this region. Fertasa’s purpose is to act as the recognised and preferred body that promotes the image of the fertilizer industry by:

  • Promoting the integrity of its members and building preferential trust for their products and services;

  • Enhancing and protecting the interests of its members through effective engagement with government and organised agriculture.

Structure of Fertasa

Fertasa is managed and directed by a Board of Directors who are elected by and representative of the ordinary members. The Board of Directors report to the Management Committee which comprises representatives from all ordinary and affiliate members. The Management Committee appoints operational committees to attend to various aspects of the business of Fertasa.


Fertasa is a recognised and preferred body aimed at promoting the image of the fertilizer industry through:

Promoting the integrity of each member and building preferential trust for their products and services.

Enhancing and protecting the interest of its members through effective engagement with government and organised agriculture.

This is because Fertasa members are committed to:

A code of conduct;

An audited set of standards;

Relevant scientifically based recommendations;

Continual learning and improvement


To provide a credible platform to promote the responsible and sustainable use of fertilisers.


To be recognised as the representative voice for the fertilizer industry and as the stamp of approval for responsible and sustainable soil fertility and plant nutrition in Southern Africa.

Board of Directors

The Board of directors manages and directs the business and affairs of Fertasa. The Board comprises six (6) directors, and one (1) executive director (the Chief Executive Officer of Fertasa). The directors are elected by the ordinary members with equal representation from both smaller and larger member companies.

Core Functions

  • Actively promote the agro-economic and environmentally accountable fertiliser and aglime practices;

  • Develop a positive public awareness and acceptance of the need for fertiliser and aglime use in food production;

  • Improve the operating environment within which its constituent industries operate in a spirit of free enterprise and fair trade;

  • Assimilate, adds value to and disseminates fertiliser and aglime related information;

  • Provide a discussion forum for its members and other parties on all aspects relating to fertiliser and aglime distribution, agronomic advice and product quality.

We are members of the following organisations:

  • International Fertilizer Industry Association

  • Soil Science Society of South Africa

  • National Science & Technology Forum (NSTF)

  • AgriLASA

  • Grassland Society of South Africa

  • Habitat Council

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