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The Fertilizer Association of Southern Africa is proud to announce the appointment of the newly elected Chairperson and Vice Chairperson to the Board. Dr Nicole Hart was elected to the position of chairperson and Henk Le Roux as the deputy chairperson.

Dr. Nicole Hart CHAIRPERSON Nicole is a proud mother of two children, Rachel (7) and Matthew (4) and she is currently a Commercial General Manager in the International team at Omnia Fertilizer. She has previously served as a Sales Director at Experse, an AECI company, where she gained 13 years of experience in the Agriculture Industry locally and internationally. She has extensive experience in leading sales teams, acquisitions and integrations, driving product development and directing research. Nicole obtained her PhD in Chemistry at the University of KwaZulu Natal in 2005. She has 13 years’ experience in fertilizer coatings and additives and nearly 3 years’ experience in the AgriBio portfolio. She has served as either Director or alternate Director on the Fertasa board since June 2013, and she has recently served as Chairperson of the Fertasa Technical committee.

Mr. Henk Le Roux DEPUTY CHAIRPERSON Henk le Roux is currently working at NWK in the position of senior manager Fertilizer and Projects. He is married to Elora and the proud father of two children Carlene and Stephen. Over the past 20 years Henk has been involved at NWK in the liquid predisposition division and fertilizer marketing. He was also involved in the Retail and Mechanical divisions in the group. Henk was born and raised in the Northern Cape and furthered his studies at the University of the Free State, UNISA and North West University. Agriculture has taken Henk around the country and many neighbouring countries. “Agriculture is my passion, I am learning every day and with all the knowledge from Industry leaders, colleagues and Agri- friends in the fertilizer industry this career is the best I could have hoped for” Henk said. For more information contact: Hermien Wouda +27 (0) 12 349-1450 |

Written by Dr Pieter Haumann, CEO of Fertasa


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