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As the global population constantly grows, the need for food supplies also increases, but unfortunately, since the Mars mission is still under construction, there aren’t any additional farmlands available. 37% of the world's land areas are already used for agricultural purposes and converting even more forests into farmlands can have an exacerbating effect on the environment.

In order to satisfy the increasing food needs of the global population, farmers need to improve and increase their annual yields. Industrial farming’s increased use of fertilisers, irrigation, and chemical pest control, has resulted in issues such as water and land pollution, biodiversity extinction, and significant greenhouse emissions causing climate change. The solution to all these problems is known as plant growth stimulators.

Plant growth stimulators are natural and non-toxic substances usually applied to the seed, plant leaves, or soil of crops. These stimulators influence and increase plant growth by equipping the plants with increased tolerance against abiotic stresses while increasing yield quantity and quality. Plant growth stimulators are made up of different nutrients that make your crops less disease-prone and boosts particular growth phases.

What Stimulators are There?

World Focus Agri, a South African agriculture company that specialises in plant growth stimulants, has several products available all containing natural elements. The stimulants contribute to tastier and healthier crops in a quick and efficient manner. World Focus Agri’s stimulants include:

  • Gliogrow: When using this natural organic growth stimulant, the plants will have the nutrition they need to grow healthily all the way through their life cycle. The product is made from a naturally occurring metabolite that reduces the stress that plants experience as a result of environmental factors.

  • Gliomax: This enzyme-based growth stimulant includes Auxin and Sitokenien in addition to the micro-and trace elements found in Gliosense. This combination of elements is easily absorbed through their leaves. Gliosense is often administered to a crop prior to the flowering of the grain.

  • Complex: The Complex line includes amino acids, enzymes, and minerals. This product's goal is to alleviate metabolic stress on the plant throughout its development period. As a result, the plant grows quickly and vigorously because it has the necessary energy to thrive.

The Benefits of Plant Growth Stimulants

Plant growth stimulators, like Gliogrow, Gliosense, Gliomax etc. promote extreme growth throughout the entire lifecycle of the plant. Plants stimulators reduce the negative impact of stress on a plant caused by harsh weather or environmental conditions.

The benefits of the above plant growth stimulants can include but are not limited to the following 4 features.

Great Return on Investment

The World Focus Agri growth Stimulants are natural and when used as directed, has proven time and time again to produce a significant return on investment for farmers. Larger and higher quality yields mean more income for farmers.

Resistance to Abiotic Stresses

When plants are stressed, their polyamine content skyrockets, allowing them to withstand the risk. Plant growth stimulant delivers favourable amounts of biological elicitors that enable plants to successfully survive droughts, floods, nutrient deficit periods, ice, and transplantation shock. World Focus Agri's growth stimulants promote root development, stronger stems, and foliar growth, making your plant more resistant to abiotic stresses. Immediately after a crop has endured stress, such as dehydration, frost, or floods, the growth stimulants boost the recovery process.

Crops may endure stress after transplanting and harvesting. Application of growth stimulants prior to or after these occurrences will considerably assist the plant's recovery.

High-Quality Yield and Increased Shelf Life

Plant growth stimulants that improve the yielded produce can bring bigger fruit size, better colour, and longer shelf life.

Natural and Non-Toxic

The Word Focus Agri’s growth stimulants are non-harmful, non-toxic and naturally occurring metabolites. Considering the fact that these stimulants are used on crops for human consumption it’s always a major benefit to know that all additives and stimulants are natural and won’t result in any adverse health conditions.

Plant Growth Stimulators South Africa

To find out more about how you can implement organic growth stimulants to improve your crop production and the overall crop yield quality visit the AgrifoodsSA directory, or contact World Focus Agri at


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