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The objective is twofold namely wealth to nature, therefore the slogan “NURTURE NATURE” and secondly wealth to our client, the farmer, by optimizing production. World Focus is a company situated in Delmas, which is in the middle of the maize production area in the Highveld of South Africa, also only 60 kilometres away from the OR Tambo International Airport, the largest airport in South Africa.

World Focus concentrates on developing and producing organic as well as biologic growth stimulants and enhancers via root and leaf applicants. World Focus changes the conventional view of plant protection to plant health via biology.


Marketing Director

Fifteen years ago, we started investigations and study of micro-organisms and the help that nature can provide to the farmer to get optimum crop production and welfare. We also started with the application of micro-organisms on land directly on the crops, with unpredictable and sometimes catastrophic results. We then moved the study to the reason why we sometimes got positive results when living organisms were applied to the crop on land. The result is, we now do the biology in the factory in Delmas under controlled conditions.

From there Epipolithiedioperazynein (ETP), a natural enzyme is extracted and used as the active ingredient in a plant growth stimulant, called Gliogrow. Gliogrow is the product of many years of work with a registration in 2009. From here a variety of products, among other things Gliomax, Gliosense, Glionut, Gliograin and Gliocane • all registered products.

During 2012, we made a biochemical engineer part of our business and his first assignment was, facilitating the optimal application of Agricultural Lime. The outcome of the assignment is ultra-fine or micronized lime/gypsum (CaC03, MgC03, CaS04) which is not in the place for normal liming but bring other options of applying and usage of lime to the farmer. Micronized lime is parent rock limestone directly from the mine processed in Delmas to a micro-fine milled product. (5% <1µ, 15% s 10µ -1µ, 75% s 15µ-10µ). The micronized products are also registered with the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries under Act 36 of 1947 with B-numbers. Our Gypsum is of the purest source known in South Africa. During the past seven years, we also develop a foliar-feed range, where the nutrients are chelated with an organic acid and various amino acids.

This range is called the Complex Super Range. During the past twelve years, we established a market in various production areas in South Africa, Namibia, Zambia, Mozambique and Malawi.

  • Vision: Creating wealth by using innovative technology.

  • Mission: Management of plant energy, enhancing soil and plant health, using different ranges of innovative products.


Financial Director

The pressure to produce more and better-quality food for the increasing population of the world, together with the ever-increasing input cost burden on farming, highlights the need for Innovative farming products and practices.

Because of all the technological advances being made in agriculture and the impact thereof on energy and water expenses, crop and land management as well as yield, agriculture is in the process of experiencing a major leap towards precision farming methods.

With these advancements, our company identified the opportunity to research and to develop technologically advanced products for tile agricultural industry. Cost saving, waste reduction and soil quality, as the driving factors, lead to the development of micronized lime. Packing material waste is minimized, dried product leads to reduced volume and weight transported.

The result of reduced application volumes is reduced application cost. The product is compatible with all the precision farming equipment and is a valuable commodity for soil quality management. Micronized lime is applied with standard or precision spray applicators and moves lime to the precision commodity list.

Our production equipment was imported from leading international manufacturers and specifically built for micronized milling application. The plant has sufficient capacity to supply more than tile expected demand for the product in tile local market.

The benefits thereof have been recognised worldwide, increasing the demand for Micronized lime, especially In Africa where transport makes out a huge portion of production costs.

World Focus Agri products will help you enhance plant vitality while protecting the environment and restoring your land.

We provide support for the agricultural community, maximizing harvests of all crops through the process of introducing a natural product into the biological lifecycle

For more information contact At van Schalkwyk | +27 (0) 82 452 8983 | |

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